Understanding Pendulum In Golf Swings

If we look at an old model clock, as seen next to the pendulum movement is a model of movement with a single pendulum where the iron rod is down as a pendulum with a hinge at the top and a pendulum at the lower end of the pendulum golf savers. In the meantime, you may also need to check out the best bangkok golf course in Thailand.

Double Pendulum

The simplest model that makes sense for a golf swing is a double pendulum model. This is a very simple model, having two pendulum or interlocking moving elements.

Now we can see why the model is a double pendulum, the first is a black pendulum that holds a pendulum, it is a stick/club that depends on the end of the green pendulum or the second pendulum. (is the union of our two hands holding the stick/club, the two pendulums work exactly the same as the principles of physics.

This motion with a double pendulum if done harmoniously (not with great energy) will produce a very large swing power as in the Trebuchet stone throwing weapon in the Roman era that utilizes centrifugal force, only by using large rock loads dropped but can throw stones with high speed and great throwing power to break down the walls of enemy fortifications,

The two pendulum members are:

The shoulders of golfers and arms, taken as a stiff division in your body. We will call this part “triangle” in the following discussion.

The golf stick/club, which has a club head as a ballplayer, is also taken as a rigid unit.

the two pendulums are bound to two hinges, the green triangle (upper pendulum/hand) hinges to the golfer’s body so that it can move freely. while the golf club (lower pendulum) hinges to the end of the triangle.

We have two hinges, and we can apply a torque to each hinge. The two rounds – plus gravity – are the only strength in this model that will cause the golfer to swing the club.

• Round the body to the shoulder to move the triangle swing (upper pendulum).

• Wrist movements move the club to bring it to impact.

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