These are Three Interesting Places You Must Visit When On Phuket

In recent years, Thailand has indeed become more famous and has increasingly attracted the attention of foreign tourists. Not only unique cuisine that can be enjoyed there, but you can also enjoy many interesting activities in the country. One activity that attracts many tourists is playing golf. In fact, there is a phuket golf that is already well-known and has been tried by many people.

In addition, in Phuket itself, there are many places that you can visit and make your holiday in Thailand even more memorable. Some interesting places in Phuket that you can visit are

1. Phi Phi Island
Phi-Phi Island or Phi-Phi Island has become very popular and famous not only in Thailand but also in the world, who is not familiar with one of the tours in Phuket that has become very global? The beauty of this island is already very crowded talking about tourists around the world. This island is very famous and is the pride of the Thai community, and several world films have also taken place on this island.

2. Phuket Weekend Market
Not complete if you haven’t visited the weekend market in Phuket, the market that is only open at the end of this weekend is one of the shopping and culinary tourism areas that is always crowded with tourists. Here, tourists can find lots of souvenirs from Thailand starting from clothing or accessories with very attractive designs, don’t worry because the prices are quite affordable.

3. The Upside Down House
For those of you who are happy with unique tourist attractions, this is one of the best places for you, besides that for those of you who like photographs with a style that looks upside down this place is indeed very suitable. Because in the place of The Upside Down House or the invasion can be said to be this upside-down house, the building of the house and also the items inside are above all upside down and as if against gravity. Starting from home furnishings such as tables, chairs, cabinets and even everything in an upside down position in this house.

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