One of the Reasons Why People Visit Chiropractor

Scoliosis is a disorder of the body frame in the form of curvature of the chiropractor santa monica. Usually, scoliosis will form the spine to the side, and the curvature will increase with age. Scoliosis can occur in children and adults. In children, scoliosis can grow into a serious condition because it can develop very rapidly as it grows.

Scoliosis can occur from toddlers and children, namely age 0-3 years (infantile), 4-9 years (juvenile), 10-19 years (adolescent), and more than 19 years (adult). The progression of scoliosis occurs at the age of 10-18 years. That is, at that time the curvature of the spine moves quickly.

Scoliosis will increase 1 to 3 degrees each year. Unfortunately, the initial symptoms of scoliosis are rarely realized by the sufferer, although they can be seen physically. For this reason, there are a number of things that can be done to detect scoliosis: checking whether the shoulder is asymmetrical or not, looking at the shoulder bone protrusion, and checking whether there is a curve that is visible on the waist and hip bones. If the disease is more severe, symptoms will arise such as easily aching, back and shoulder pain.

Basically, scoliosis is not dangerous but can cause death if no further action is taken. This is because bending the spine can suppress other organs in the body such as the lungs and heart so that it can cause respiratory infections and heart failure. In addition, scoliosis can also affect the nerves so that it can cause the hernia nucleus pulposus

Scoliosis can cause death by attacking other organs, depending on where it is bent. So, many of them, if the scoliosis has reached above 60 degrees, hit one of the organs, such as the lungs and heart

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