How To Make A Daily Conversation More Interesting In English

Making cool English conversations is difficult. When there is an inspiration, ideas will flow without thinking much. But what if you run out of ideas or don’t know what to write? It could be that what you produce with a group of friends is an English conversation that is just boring talk It’s the easiest way to make ordinary English dialogues rather than complicated thinking just to look for a blaring idea. Though this is the right time to hone your creativity and use the right brain to be more active at work. You will feel satisfaction when the results are so charming. On the other hand, you may need to b1 test booking if you want to get the UK visa as soon as possible.

Let’s compare some examples of dialogue in the following English. An example of this dialogue is played by two friends: Lucy and Hary. They talked about the new year’s camp to be held at the school. But unfortunately, Lucy was not allowed to join the camp by her mother.

Examples of dialogue in English about the Tent
New Year:

Hary: Hi, Lucy. How are you?
Lucy: Good. What about you?
Hary: I am very well. Will you join the New Year camp?
Lucy: No, I won’t. My mother doesn’t let me go.
Hary: Oh, why?
Lucy: I don’t know.
Examples of dialogue in English about the New Year’s Tent.
Hary: Hey, Lucy. You look sad. What’s going on?
Lucy: Hmm … do I look sad?
Hary: Yes, you do. I can see from your face. We are friends so I know you so well.
Lucy: Oh, I’m just thinking about the New Year Camp.
Hary: So am I. I’ve prepared many things. It’s gonna be very fun, right?
Lucy: Yeah, I think so. But my mother doesn’t let me go.
Hary: Oh, why?
Lucy: I don’t know.

Those conversations have the same story but different packaging methods. In the later conversation, there was an expression of Hary’s happiness which was responded to by the reason of Lucy’s sadness. Something contrasting, right?

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