Be Careful When Washing Baby Clothes

Do not mix baby clothes with adult clothes in one wash. You have to wash it separately. Especially if one family member has a skin disease that can spread to the baby. When all the baby dirty clothes are collected, you also have to sort them back based on the level of dirtiness. Very dirty clothes stained must be separated from dirty clothes that are not stained. This action is to prevent dirty clothing stains from sticking to other clothes. Apart from that, perhaps you need to check out the recommended baby clothes for girls as well.

When separating, don’t forget to turn over the clothing material (the inner side will be outside) to secure the buttons, ribbons, or zippers so that they don’t break quickly.

Furthermore, the detergent must be chosen carefully. We recommend you to choose detergents that don’t contain any chemicals that may irritate your baby’s skin. Furthermore, if your baby has sensitive skin, you may need to choose the ones that have been formulated especially for baby clothing, and for the ones with very sensitive skin to ensure your baby’s safety and health.

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