4 Tips for Home Security like the FBI Agents

When the holidays arrive, the house is sometimes left to no one waiting for him locksmiths247.ie/replacement-car-keys-special-offers/.

Even though the house has been “entrusted” to the security guard in the home environment, or entrust it to the neighbors, there is anxiety when leaving the house. Given how ‘smart’ today’s criminals are able to devise a strategy of “breaking into” home security, you as a homeowner cannot be defeated smart. Meanwhile, you can also call the experts of Alarm and Car Keys Dublin whenever you must improve the security level of your home and vehicle.

There are various tips on securing a house, one of which is a variety of tricks from the FBI agent.

1. Do not indulge

Uploading another Instagram Story or social media about vacation plans might sound natural but actually, it’s dangerous and careless.

It could be that criminals are lurking on victims by looking at social media accounts.

Therefore, be careful using social media.

2. Use technology

In the digital era with rapid technological developments like now, you can find a variety of security tools that can be directly connected with gadgets.

Prioritize alarms, surveillance cameras, and lighting controls in homes installed at home.

Install alarms in areas of doors or windows, surveillance cameras at vital angles, and use remote lighting controls so that your house always looks ‘bright at night’.

3. Check the condition of doors and windows

As much as possible before traveling, first check the condition of the doors and windows of the house, including the hinges.
If something is loose and has rusty, it should be tightened and replaced with a new one. As access to the inside of the house, it is important to keep the doors and windows from being easily damaged and broken.

4. Place the safe in a hidden and unexpected place

One safe way to store valuables is to put them in a safe. You also have to disguise the location of the safe so that it is gated. Place a safe behind the cupboard or cover it with a picture frame.

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